key Ingredient

Land. It’s the origin of all growth.


Viridian is a land development company that transforms toxic land into thriving, usable land for commercial real estate purposes.

We discovered that they were tired of being just another land development company and wanted something different that still appealed to cities and large investors.

What Viridian needed was a solution that was still conservative, but simply not so universal and common.


Brand Strategy
Name Modification
color palette
Graphics Program



Viridian was originally named Viridian Partners, but we advised them that as always, the simpler the better. They followed our suggestion and are now just Viridian.

The central discovery came early.

Focus on the future.
Focus on potential.
Focus on growth.

Viridian was originally positioned the same as the rest of their competition – they were good for the environment.

We had them shift their focus to communicating what happens after land development is complete and why it is good for the local communities.

In other words, it’s all about the future, potential, and growth.

A logo and identity was developed based on the fundamental symbol of growth – the arrow.

Viridian’s symbol represents the potential and growth in all directions for the land they are developing.

Arrows placed in succession with one another, as well as crossing paths, and changing directions, reinforces the message and logo in a creative and entertaining way.

Offset halftone images have been added to evoke resilience, grit, and determination.

Visually focused case studies are currently in development.

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