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The military mindset.


Parachute is a national indoor agriculture management company based in Denver, CO.

They were originally seeking only a new website and a logo touch-up to attract larger investors. What was clear to us is that altering just these two touchpoints was simply not enough to achieve their goals.

If they wanted to succeed, what we had to do was work from the ground up to understand who Parachute really is.


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The first problem – they had a misleading name.

Parachute’s original name was Procan, which is a portmanteau of “Professional” and “Cannabis.”

Their original name aligned with their original focus – indoor cannabis management.

They had grown beyond just cannabis farms. They were now targeting indoor farms of all varieties.

With a name solely aligned with cannabis, this turned off investors and businesses looking for more than just cannabis management.

Your name matters.

Great brand names are not descriptive of what the brand does.

The first solution – own the military mindset.

Before we could create or find them a new name, we had to first discover who they were.

What we discovered was that behind the scenes, the founders and most of the employees came from military backgrounds. This background experience was something they found very useful for their business.

Having a military background is what differentiated them and made them who they are.

Fearful of being labeled a military company, we assured them that the focus wasn’t on the military but rather, the military mindset. This mindset just so happened to be what every grower was looking for.

Don't make it complicated.

Instead of crafting some phony existence out of thin air, Parachute owned who they are and what they value.

The brand needed a pinch of youthful professionalism and a dash of military strategy.

The logo was developed to be in tune with the military mindset. In other words, it had to be as efficient as possible.

A simple bold arc abstracted from a parachute's shape imbues the brand with a “can do attitude”. Other similar positive associations include a rainbow and the horizon of a dawning day.

Parachute – because we oversee farm management from a bird’s eye view and jump in to get the job done.

Success. At any cost.

Green was avoided as a brand color because it is undifferentiated within their competitive space. Blue fit the bill with its subliminal associations with the sky.

Topographic maps are used extensively throughout the identity to elicit not just military planning but land management as a whole.

Become you. Or become a lie.

Creating work for those who know that being unique and memorable is the key to greatness.