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Giving a face to mental health.


Humanly is an on-demand therapy & wellness company with over sixteen offices in Colorado, Connecticut, and Georgia.

Coming fresh off of an amicable corporate spinoff, Humanly was excited to get the ball rolling with a logo and website.

As with many of our clients, their fundamental problem was that they didn’t know who they were or what they were really offering.


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A paradigm shift – they’re not renting space. They’re helping clients build their business.

Humanly initially thought that most of their value came from offering rental spaces.

While offering rent-on-demand is a novel idea, it doesn’t solve the more fundamental problem Humanly’s clients face – how do I grow my business?

We helped Humanly realize that what they ought to do is holistically help wellness professionals succeed.

An office is just one piece of the puzzle. Humanly’s clients really needed resources, tools, and guidance to help them get patients and grow their practice.

Offer solutions beyond the obvious.

Boring brands solve boring problems. People fall in love with your brand when you solve the underlying problem.

Being a wellness professional is lonely.

So, we advised Humanly to center their business and brand around helping each other out.

Professionals helping professionals.

Humans helping humans.

The human face – the most human part of us.

The thing that greets us, disgusts us, and joys us.

The human face – A perfect ingredient for this recipe.

Humanly is all about positivity.

Because positivity was one of the main targets we identified in brand strategy, we designed the logo to be as unabashedly positive as possible.

Make. It. Simple.

Simple shapes were employed not just because of their great utility in logo design, but also because of their ability to be implemented throughout the identity.

Happiness is just one aspect to life after all.

A set of alternate faces were created to show the full range of the human face and human experience.

Incorporating the wellness professionals directly into the mix.

Showing the very same faces one might encounter in Humanly provides that real human to human connection Humanly is all about.

It also offers an opportunity for Humanly’s clients to play a role in the brand.

For future-shaping brands.

We launch and grow businesses that challenge the ordinary and change the way people think.