Copper Coyote

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Speak to musicians.


Copper Coyote is a men’s apparel company based in Austin, TX that repurposes vintage southwestern clothing.

Originally seeking just a logo, we helped Copper Coyote discover that what really made them special was the way they viewed vintage clothing.

Through our advice and consultation, we helped refocus their business, what they sold, and the process they would go through to make their products.


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Our first epiphany – you need to sell the right mood.

If they were going to be successful, they had to appeal to musicians and sell the muscians’ aesthetic to others.

The brand initially had a universal look and feel that was trying to attract anyone who might be even remotely interested in southwestern clothing. This direction simply wasn’t targeted or niche enough.

We found that both the musicians and customers they are trying to attract want that Rock’n’Roll aesthetic. So let's give them that.

Our second epiphany – you need to make and sell the right clothes.

Vintage inspired brands are a dime a dozen. What they needed was a unique approach. Focus on not just what you make but how you make it.

Before they came to us they sold vintage inspired clothing. This simply was not enough.

Through brand strategy and consulting services, we helped them realize that imitating vintage clothing didn’t provide enough value to their target demographic.

Our solution? Source authentic vintage textitles and incorporate those textiles into new clothes.

We needed a name to set the right mood.

After creating and finding hundreds of names, we identified Copper Coyote as the strongest candidate for a few reasons.

Copper has strong associations with vintage items.

Coyotes have a strong association with the southwest.

Copper Coyote was simply a great way to set the right mood.

A logo that provides tension.

A dead coyote was developed as the logo to intentionally provide tension with an otherwise poetic and soulful brand.

We suggested remaining silent as to why the coyote is dead because it draws the viewer in to ask and think of the answer themself, thereby interacting with the brand even more.

The real reason why he’s dead? It’s simply more Rock’n’Roll.

Be a rockstar. Or be ignored.

Creating work for those who know that being unique and memorable is the key to greatness.