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Celebrate good times.


Show+Tell is a Colorado non-profit that provides life guidance to African American children and young adults on the autism spectrum by offering one-on-one mentorship opportunities.

Like so many of our clients, Show+Tell needed a professional, approachable, yet identifiable brand, that would work well for a wide array of audiences.

In this situation, our main focus was to provide a solution that offered a unique perspective on an overall mood – celebration.


Brand Strategy
color palette
Graphics Program



A fresh start and and a new name.

Show+Tell – because every child and mentor has something valuable to show and tell.

In the early stages of their brand strategy, we identified a guiding belief: that anyone and everyone has an important perspective to share.

Every great brand has a true reason for existing.

Why do you exist?

Special names require special solutions.

The logo offers a unique solution in that the symbol of the brand is found in the middle of the name. This was done intentionally in order for the brand to read as “Show+Tell.”

Attract a wide audience with a new spin on something safe.

The plus sign represents the relationships between the children and their mentors that make this organization so special.

The plus sign represents the fact that it is the children plus their mentors that make this organzation so special.

Emphasizing community.

We emphasized the communal aspect of Show+Tell by creating a pattern with the symbol.

Emphasizing the individual.

We created a wide color gamut for the brand and symbol, to show that we all have our own inner color of life to share.

Great causes. A true reason for existing.

Creating work for those who know that being unique and memorable is the key to greatness.