Roman Candle

key Ingredient

Own Miami. Be a humble brag.


Roman Candle is a startup based out of Miami, Florida that creates men’s apparel that can be worn in the office or club.

This project was especially unique in the hurdles we had to overcome to in order for the client to understand themselves.

The result? Own Miami and be the humblebrag your clients desire.


Brand Strategy
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Shifting a client's perspective is never easy. It's one of the key reasons why brand strategy exists.

Convincing them to think smaller.

The client had big aspirations to expand nationwide quickly, but through the initial brand strategy, we helped them understand that this wasn't the wisest move.

Our suggestion was to own the market they know best – Miami. They agreed.

Understanding their customers.

By analyzing their customers, we found that what the customer wanted was something flashy but not too outlandish or loud.

In other words, they wanted a humble brag. The client again agreed.

We found a name that got attention in a sophisticated way.

After sifting through hundreds of names, we decided upon Roman Candle.

As a name, Roman Candle evokes all of the appropriate associations. On the one hand it’s loud - it is a type of firework after all - and on the other hand it’s sophisticated due to the words themselves - “Roman” & “Candle.”

Gradients were added to evoke the transition from day to night.

Be a firework. It’s your only choice.

Creating work for those who know that being unique and memorable is the key to greatness.