Good Days Bad Days

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Adding warmth to a rare disease non-profit for children.


Good Days Bad Days is a rare disease non-profit for children with a bone disease called CRMO.

Most non-profits are focused on the science and have fitting sounding sciency names and identities – CRMO was no exception.

In order to stand out and speak truth to their cause, a less scientific focus was developed.


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A mark was developed to symbolize these strong children. Even though their bodies are often sore, they've got their heads on straight with confidence and positivity.

A mark was developed to symbolize these strong children. Even though their body is often sore, they’ve got their head on straight with confidence and positivity.

Making a name for those who need help now.

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In a world of names revolving around the disease that each non-profit is helping to eradicate, something different was sorely needed.

Our approach? Just be honest.

Good Days Bad Days comes from the fact that not every day for these kids is a good one and not every day is a bad one – it’s sometimes good and sometimes bad.

A unique name attracts attention and attracts donations. A unique names helps these kids.

To pull at the heart strings, an identity revolving around the daily life of a girl named Amelia was developed.

Various Early illustration explorations

A cast of characters was added to Amelia's journey, giving her the strength she needs to survive her bad days, and the friends that she deserves to celebrate her good ones.

As with all explorations, most of what we explored never ended up being used, but that’s the point of exploration – to see what works.

Staying true to our commitment of honesty, we created these buttons to remind people that it’s okay to have a bad day.

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